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Jonathan Ryan is trying to tout his Pilot Aptitude Training Systems scam on the website PPRuNe under the alias caravanguy2001 . He basically makes comments indirectly promoting the website (which is a scam) or he asks questions of other posters about recruiting information so he can use that information on his fraudulent website ( ) to lure in more victims. He has been using that alias for a long time now. Here are some links to some of those posts by Jonathan Ryan touting PATS :

Reason of review: Fraudulent Business.

Preferred solution: Police Investigation and Criminal Prosecution of Jonathan Laurence Ryan.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1215389

Yes, that is the same Jonathan Ryan in the link.


Is this the same Jonathan Laurence Ryan ?

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1207457

Yes, I took Jonathan Ryan to court a couple of years ago. He paid up when the sheriff came knocking... The sheriff's office said they had a number of warrants in relation to Jonathan Ryan.

Fitzroy, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #1200008

Has anyone taken Jonathan Ryan to court yet?



Anyone who has been defrauded by one Jonathan Laurence Ryan aka Pilot Aptitude Training Systems can report the matter to:


Jonathan Ryan does NOT operate from the address 409, 365 Little Collins St Melbourne. You can call the building manager to confirm this.

Jonathan Ryan hasn't been there for years. Using that address is part of the PATS scam you see! I work near Little Collins St and went down there a few months back and saw for myself that there is no business called Pilot Aptitude Training Systems ( PATS ) in the building. I spoke to a man there who said they are receiving all sorts of legal notices for Jonathan Ryan.

He also said people have been turning up there looking for Jonathan Ryan to demand their money back after being scammed. I see that some has posted Jonathan Ryan 's home address on another site so hopefully they now know where to find him.

The person I spoke to suggested I also speak to the police as they may have some more information on Jonathan Ryan and his PATS scam. Has anyone written to Scamwatch the gov website ?


Does Jonathan Ryan think we are that *** ? Everyone on PPRuNe knows that PATS is a scam.

Why does he bother wasting his time trying to tout this *** on here.

Give it up Jonathan. Scam is overrrrrrr !!!!!


Hey bro, I saw that post and thought it was sus. Why would someone be so keen to promote a business or product unless they had some invested interest.

Jonathan Ryan has been posting under false names on PPRuNe for years. Pilot Aptitude Training Systems is nothing short of fraud in my opinion. Jonathan will take you money, sit you in front of a computer (if he bothers to show up) and leave you to answer questions that he copied from published books. There is no one on one training or tutoring or any type of actual training.

This guy is plainly ***.

Its an insult on basis human intelligence to suggest that Jonathan Ryan could teach prospective pilots complex mathematics. I spoke to him back in 2008 and he admitted to me that he only went to year 9 at school !!!


Pilot Aptitude Training Systems was discussed in the following link:

Jonathan Ryan clearly telling lies on there too. This deceitful man doesn't know when to stop!

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